Pradko, Gallagher & Slanec Family Dentistry

Tooth Colored Filling

The Doctors of Professionals in Family Dentistry utilize two materials for dental fillings. Silver (amalgam) fillings are still used in rare occasions in our practice, in areas whereby composite resin (tooth colored) fillings have limitations.

With the exception of these areas, our doctors exclusively utilize composite resin (tooth colored) as the filling material for your teeth. Our research and experience has found that using composite resin results in:

1. Decreased fracture of supporting tooth structure over time.
2. More conservative preparation requiring less removal of tooth structure.
3. Alleviation of concern regarding health ramifications with other filling materials.
4. A more aesthetic and visually pleasing product.

Please note: Insurance companies vary with their coverage for composite resin. You may have an increased co-payment for composite resin as compared to silver amalgam fillings due to limitations with your insurance policy.

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