Pradko, Gallagher & Slanec
Have Gone Digital!

Digital Radiography

During your next visit to our practice you will notice that we have converted from X-rays to Digital Radiography. The Schick Digital Radiography system enables us to obtain immediate images of your teeth and supporting structures. The images are viewed in the dental operatory on a flat screen monitor and allow for a faster and more detailed examination. These images are easily viewed and provide for exceptional patient education. The files are stored in the office computer for future examinations.

Studies have shown that with digital radiography there is a remarkable 90% reduction in radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays. Besides the many diagnostic advantages of the system, our practice decided that the significant reduction of exposure could not be ignored. The clinical staff has found the introduction of digital radiology to be a great addition to the practice since it offers leading edge technology in helping our patients with quality dental care.

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