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Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontitis Stages

Periodontal disease is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria in your mouth and your body's inflammatory response. Healthy gum tissue has one to three millimeter pockets with no bleeding or bone loss. If bacteria are allowed to accumulate below the gum-line for extended periods of time it hardens onto the root structure and creates an inflammatory response that signals your body to destroy the bone and ligaments supporting your teeth. The bacteria can also enter the blood stream and contribute to systemic health conditions.

Periodontal Disease: Root Planning and Scaling

When periodontal disease occurs the bacteria accumulate below the gum-line if allowed to sit for periods of time the bacteria become embedded in the tissue and harden onto the root structures, creating deeper pockets that are no longer accessible. Part of your treatment involves the removal of the calculus from the root structure by using a combination of specially designed ultrasonic and hand instruments. Once the debris is removed the gum tissue should re-attach to the clean root structure.

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